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Curtido is a Salvadoran condiment of cabbage, onions, and carrots, seasoned with herbs, lime, and often chilies. The traditional method calls for resting all ingredients in lime juice and salt overnight to pickle them.

We love fermentation and limes are not available in our climate, so for our take on Curtido, we do a short fermentation to create that bright flavor and preserve the vegetables. Our version features jalapeños, making it mildly spicy. And is heavily seasoned with Mexican Oregano (which has a more citrusy and intense flavor than Mediterranean Oregano).

Highly recommended that you make the pupusas (the national dish of El Salvador) and throw this curtido on it. But you can work this into taco night, black bean soup night, stew night, or do like Pizza Gutt and use it to top pizza.


Ingredients: Green Cabbage, Carrots, Onion, Jalapeño, Sea Salt, Mexican Oregano

The product needs to be kept refrigerated to avoid a buildup of pressure.