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Add to any meal for a boost of added protein!


The most versatile of the Collagen 2.0 family. Add this into your coffee, shakes, smoothies, stir fry, rice, eggs, you name it! Anything that needs a low calorie 20 gram boost of clean protein, throw a serving in there. Add in as many servings to your liking. 

Cheesy Cheese:
The champion of cheesy gains is here. Top recipes for Cheesy Cheese include eggs, pasta, and anything you need boosted with an extra 15 grams of collagen protein. Make the famous Mac N Cheese by adding in 1 serving of cheesy cheese per 1 serving of any pasta you desire. 

Classic Buffalo:
Spice up those protein goals with the Classic Buffalo. Cook this in to your stir fry’s, ground meats, and mix with plain Greek yogurt for an elite Buffalo dipping sauce. This is the perfect amount of spice; right in between a little zing and too hot to handle.