Athletic Brewing - Run Wild IPA - Non-Alcoholic Beer

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Athletic Brewing Company was founded on the belief that great brews and healthy, well-lived life are not mutually exclusive. The U.S.-based brewery is fully devoted to producing high-quality, non-alcoholic craft brews. Run Wild IPA is their non-alcoholic version of a classic IPA. A timeless balance of malt and hops, it honors the original through an organic Vienna malt base and five Pacific Northwest hops. A clean, crisp, full-bodied experience has made for one of Athletic’s most popular, award-winning brews.

Whether you’re sipping behind the barbecue, cracking a cold one on the beach, or taking a break between ski runs, Run Wild brings all the markings of a great IPA, and then some. No alcohol needed.

330 ml


780 CAL. 0 G FAT. 16 G CARB. 0 G PROTEIN