Initially, I chose the name Performance Meal Prep to target athletes and power lifters. As time went on we grew our customer base to all walks of life. Children, Mothers, Athletes, and most importantly individuals who just wanted to eat clean. We have now developed several different portions sizes to accommodate all individuals. All of our proteins are fresh and never frozen, we source local when possible and always pack our meals with tons of love :)


I’ve always loved to cook. Something about the science and precision of making the perfect dish caught my attention at a young age. I came up with the concept for Performance Meal Prep while living in South Florida. I was working at a restaurant, which specialized in fine French-Fusion cuisine. Being busy with work, I would never have time to cook for myself so I would eat all the food coming out of the restaurant. One week I decided to try a meal prep company in the area. I received my food and was still hungry. Weight lifting has been a passion of mine for years, and these meals weren’t filling me up after my workouts. I took to the kitchen and started preparing my own food for the week on my off day. Soon enough, I was getting feedback and people wanted me to cook for them. My roommate at the time couldn’t get enough of the healthy meal prep I was doing so I decided to run with this concept and move back to Philadelphia. I started up with very little money out of my parent’s kitchen preparing meals for friends in the Philadelphia area. One thing led to another and I started getting calls asking about my service. In just two short months, I formed an LLC and Performance Meal Prep was born! 

Jesse Batt

Owner / Operator